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  • MKRC Label Mock Up Pure Gold


    Save 10% with a monthly subscription HERE Prosperity uses a combination of traditional herbs, leaves and roots for the relief of prostate related conditions including erectile dysfunction. Nurtured by nature,…

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  • MKRC Label Mock Up Pure Gold

    Pure Green

    Pure Green uses a combination of traditional iron boosting herbs, leaves and roots to help maintain vitality, energy and to strengthen the immune system. The potent content of green herbs…

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  • MKRC Label Mock Up Pure Gold


    Save 5% with a 6 monthly subscription HERE Dewormer leaves the body free of parasites, thereby enabling the body to increase the absorption of vital nutrients for optimum health. Parasite…

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  • MKRC Label Mock Up Pure Gold

    The NEW Herbal Manual (Available Now)

    The New and Improved Herbal Manual is an advanced guide to better living free from pain and disease. It teaches one of the physical structure from the cells to the…

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The Answer

The Answer is an immune system enhancer and is very effective in the prevention of communicable diseases such as the flu. It is a component of the super female package and helps to prevent excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle. It also helps minimize the symptoms of fibroids. Taken daily it helps to fortify the immune system and strengthens one’s resistance to infectious diseases. One does not need to be sick to use the Answer as the herbs in this tincture has been shown to reduce cancer cell growth and help to initiate natural cell death (apoptosis) of mutated cells. Can be taken diluted (in water) or undiluted.

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