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The Answer

The Answer is an immune system enhancer and is very effective in the prevention of communicable diseases such as the flu. It is a component of the super female package and helps to prevent excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle. It also helps minimize the symptoms of fibroids. Taken daily it helps to fortify the immune system and strengthens one’s resistance to infectious diseases. One does not need to be sick to use the Answer as the herbs in this tincture has been shown to reduce cancer cell growth and help to initiate natural cell death (apoptosis) of mutated cells. Can be taken diluted (in water) or undiluted.



Featured Products

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    Pure Gold

    Pure Gold is a natural mucus expectorant, using a combination of traditional herbs, leaves and roots for the clearing of mucus from the body, respiratory tract infections and to improve…

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    Blood Detox

    Blood Detox  uses a combination of traditional herbs, leaves and roots to cleanse the cells, tissues and organs of environmental toxins and free radicals. Helps build the immune system, equipping…

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    Hemp Syrup

    Hemp Syrup uses a combination of hemp seeds, leaves and roots to relax the body and mind. Provides relief from insomnia and anxiety by helping to regulate the endocrine system.…

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    The NEW Herbal Manual (Available Now)

    The New and Improved Herbal Manual is an advanced guide to better living free from pain and disease. It teaches one of the physical structure from the cells to the…


Restore peace and balance in body and mind at our remote natural sanctuary nestled in the lush, green, tropical mountains in the heart of St. Lucia. Mount Kailash offers you the gift of profound spiritual and physical healing. Leaving you truly transformed.

Featured Retreats

21 Days of Self Love Re-treat- Sherie and Nicole

21 Days of Self Love is personalised re-treat for clients wanting to experience the full complement of services offered as part of our healing programme. Join us for an all inclusive re-treat in the peaceful sanctuary of Mount Kailash, surrounded by the deep green beauty of the rainforest and the blissful sounds of nature, your journey to wellness begins the moment you make the commitment to take time out for…

"This Experience changed my outlook on life"